10 Startup Ideas that requires very less or no Investment

Startup is the word that is echoing constantly among the college students and also in the entrepreneurial minds. College students have ideas, a lot of ideas which are lost under the pressure of placements and parents. They never ever initiate that idea due to these two factors. Startup ideas in India are considered to be a dreadful dream by the society that’s why parents do not allow their children to go for it. But there are some daring and crazy people who make it happen and give wings to their startup ideas. Here we are going to discuss about 10 startup ideas for students that require very less or no investment. Here goes the first one.

1. Freelancing with your Expertise: Everyone has at least one inherent talent. Now it is the time to work on that talent and use it to start a startup and make money. Like if you are good at any software say photoshop. It is the time to get into it completely and become expert. There are a lot of designing projects waiting for you. Start now. This is also true for other talents like architectural designs and online marketing. Explore you talent and get full value for your talent.

2. Event organizer: The money maker startup that require no starting capital. A group of friends can initiate this startup. All you need is to have diversified contacts, strong management skills and planning tact. Students can start with small college events and can expand it later on. Keep an eye on the upcoming events and reach the event initiators. Present them a solid plan in a minimum budget. If you will not get the whole event to organize, you can get a part of it. Efforts needed.

10 Startup Ideas that requires very less or no investment by Founders Desk

3. Easy notes business: Each and every student want easy learning material and most of us are careless during the classroom sessions and does not care to prepare the notes. You can start making easy notes and can sell it to your friends. I know this seems weird but don’t sell them by hand. Create a simple website (website can be developed in just 1000 INR) and upload all notes over there. Keep a fee to access those notes. The thing is to promote your website. There are many startups in this segment. One of which is Fadoo Engineers who deal in engineering notes online. They are making good fortune of that. This is one idea you can go for some other.

4. Sell Online: India is second most populous country in the world and approximately 250 Million Indians use internet out of which 25% have bought at least one product online. There is a huge market waiting for you. You can start trading online on Ecommerce websites with easily accessible products like electronics items, clothing and your own product too. All Ecommerce websites provides vendors to sell online. One of my friend and his mentor has a patent and they developed their own fuel saving product KMPL Guru, they are selling it successfully on ebay and other ecommerce websites.

10 Startup Ideas that requires very less or no investment by Founders Desk

5. Wedding Consultant: Again if you have solid contacts, organizing ability and money management skills. This can be a great startup idea. In India people spent a lot on marriages in lieu of society even if they are not capable of. They need a wedding consultant who can cut their budget with no much change in the arrangements. It has been showcased in Bollywood movie Band Baja Baraat and people in real life are doing so.

6. Job Consultancy: Job is one of the major issues everyone is dealing with and this can become a good startup idea for you. Job consultancy can be one of the good startup options if you have great communication skills. You can start it by contacting the companies with their requirements and then can contact job seekers. This area is not explored deeply and this very industry requires good consultants that can understand the company requirements as well as candidate’s interest.

10 Startup Ideas that requires very less or no investment by Founders Desk

7. Become a Motivational Speaker: Everyone needs motivation to drive themselves. I too rely on books, audios and videos to charge myself to work further and harder. Right now I am reading “How to Win friends and Influence People” by “Dale Carnegie”. I will recommend everyone to read that out. If you have motivating skills and you can speak well. Then this is not a bad startup idea. You just need a bit of branding and your friends will help you in this. Start from smaller groups and then move to bigger audience. Start charging fees when you become perfect. You can motivate people to buy your related products as well. This startup idea will work only when you are a great motivator and communicator.

8. Art & Craft Business: Most of the artists in the world are underrated and not recognized in the world. They do not know they can do wonders with their art. The things that you do as your hobby can be a great startup option for you. If make clay models or make pots in your free time as a hobby, then you must display your art before people. Art industry is growing exponentially as people are fond of the real art rather than buying artificial machine made artifacts.

10 Startup Ideas that requires very less or no investment by Founders Desk

9. Coaching: According to a quote, knowledge always pays you. Yes it pays you in tones if can be used in right way. Spread the knowledge you have and earn from it. Open up a coaching center to teach the subject you like. If you are good at playing some instrument, then you can provide coaching of that instrument. If you do not have initial capital for getting a place for coaching, you can start from a room in your own house. When you will start earning well can move to rented place.

10. Blogging: My favorite of all startups. Bogging is one of best internet startup ideas I have ever seen. Though it is best one but blogging is not a bed of roses. As it seems so simple but it takes a great deal of patience, hard work and content marketing skills to set up a money making blog. Choose a niche or topic you love. Write quality content and post on regular basis. Promote it. If you have ability to influence people than you can really do wonders from blogging. Contact the publishers and you can earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing. People are making millions and so you can.

10 Startup Ideas that requires very less or no investment by Founders Desk

I think you may have thought of what you want to go for now. These are just few examples. There are a lot more startup ideas in India that are yet to be explored and we will try to bring more interesting founders and startup stories.

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