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Founders Desk Organization is a help desk for everyone who wants to learn something new for startups, founders, business gurus and successful mentors. Here we are collecting stories of founders, co-founders, CEO’s and top level authorities of different organizations from different spheres to give you insights of the actual strategies and moves they made to reach there.

The question of  ‘how they started’ comes second, what is more important and intriguing is the thought of ‘why they started’. It is the ‘why’ that takes you along your dream startup which later on converts into a biggie.

Here we are trying our level best to get you the best possible and honest message from the core of founders’ hearts of different successful startups and other successful organisations. No one becomes a founder, CEO or a mentor, by chance. It take years of thinking, hard work, patience, persistence and failures. Let us take you through a journey that might just be a life-changing journey for you. You will learn about the things early startups do, what to learn from their mistakes, how to develop and shape your startup ideas, and much more. You will get a lot of real time mentors for your startup ideas along this journey. Learn from them and move quick towards your goal of life, because in this much competitive world, velocity is what separates the winners from the crowd.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help students in their early startup ideas to move in right direction and at the right speed with the guidance of real time experienced mentors sharing similar interests.

Our Vision

To create a startup ecosystem at local level where students can freely discuss and develop their startup business ideas with the proper guidance of the mentors.

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