GNSET System of Choosing Best Employees for your Organization

One of most important considerations while starting a business is choosing people that who one should chose to organization. The prime question strikes in the mind is how to find good employees? While selection of right people important at all stages; the choices made while starting up an organization are often decisive for future of the organization. never more important than while starting up a organization. The reason behind it is same as what is called in chaos theory, called butterfly effect – to put it simply, it is observation, true both in natural and general sciences, that everything shows a very high sensitiveness to the initial conditions, a little deviation in the beginning will bring a giant change in the outcome. Even among humans, a little deviation in development of embryo of yet unborn child is enough to leave it deformed for life or even kill it. 

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Sports provide ample examples of this effect. In limited over cricket match, the value of each wicket reduces as game progresses – losing two wickets in beginning of inning is more damaging to run-rate than losing five in the last overs. Similarly, a game of chess is divided into three parts – opening game, middle game and end game. Opening game is most studied division of three -various strategies for opening have been studied, evaluated and given an almost mechanical precision. A bad opening move is known to be the hardest to recover.

What it means for an entrepreneur is that decisions taken at the beginning will be most important. It is true for all decisions but it is especially true in selection of team. At Founders Desk, we suggest you identify a person as belonging one of the following and chose accordingly.



Gems are a rare breed. They can and often do bring invaluable ideas and innovations for the products.  They are resourceful, free-thinking people – who actually want to enjoy what they do. And, they are almost artistic with what they do. They can’t help thinking about whatever they are doing – and so routine and easy jobs bore them – i.e., a lot more than others, and they are miserable at them. For these people if it is not worth doing, it is just not worth doing.

What is more, they won’t be regulated and supervised – they want an environment where they can work freely; away from office politics and hierarchy. They can give you headaches but often they prove themselves worth the headaches. They may or may not be social – are either too emotional or almost robotic. They may or may not be likeable, and often having aversion for people except those having a similar mindset. The good thing is that their aversion is harmless. They would rather be left alone with their work, and so, are not kill-joy for others

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Their constantly working brains can, if used properly, do wonders for the organization – these people often do not get what they want, when they do – you can count them to stay and be a mines for innovative ideas. However there is nothing to suggest that no ideas will ever come out of soldiers or negotiators – it is more a question of frequency.

Neither money nor honor will be a strong motivator for these people but give them liberty and wait for the ideas. US government departments are known to employ mathematicians without giving them work – knowing they just can help solving math problems on their own. The title ‘Gems’ is given to them here because of their immense value especially in doing new things.

However, Gems are industry-specific. These people belong to a particular industry and will often struggle in any other industry. There is nothing as valuable as a gem who belong who likes to work in your industry, there is nothing valueless as a gem who belongs to some other industry.



These are the people that you often find at the higher levels of management. They are not above political games – and are often better at taking competitors head-on. Also, they are good at representing the organization to outside parties. You must learn these Effective Communication skills to excel in your company.

Status and money are big motivators for them, and they often get them. They feel no loyalty for organization – and are constantly negotiating over their work contact trying to squeeze more and more out of the organization and threatening to quit on not getting it. Often they aren’t the ones who will come with ideas and may also be hostile to them. They are the ‘bosses’ – not often people friendly, and yet they are the ones in control often trying to get maximum of those working under them.

Like Gems, Negotiators make bad team-mates; but reasons for same are different.  We at Founders Desk would rather have you do without people of such mindset – at least, in the beginning of the organization. The worst of them often spoil the party.



These are the hard workers. Though having neither Negotiator’s killing instinct nor Gems’ innovativeness, they are social, likeable, loyal, easy to motivate and very flexible.

If properly groomed, they can take some of roles of Negotiators – and where soldiers can take up roles of Negotiators, it is always a plus, since they won’t give those negative vibes of word ‘boss’ which Negotiators often give and are often better at working with Gems. They like stability and so, won’t try to leave organization, unless they feel cheated – something often interpreted as lack of ambition. Their loyalty and an apparent lack of ambition often makes organizations to take them for granted – and both parties lose in that; Negotiators are ones who gain from this neglect.

Soldiers are hard-workers. Give them safe, secure environment – and they will give results whether or not you supervise them. They could like their work to predictable, routine kind.



Entertainers are the friendliest of all the groups we have discussed here. The word entertainer’ here should suggest people who have a great sense of distraction. To them work is just a way to pay for the party. They have an ability to hold teams together through their social skills. They are not hard-workers like soldiers but are fairly loyal and provide for deficiency with their social skills. Perks that motivate them are same as soldiers however their response to them somewhat less. A friendlier face as their boss can be quite helpful in making them more loyal – it will help them develop a sense of belonging. They are the ones who will do better if supervised. Negotiators do that job badly; a groomed or inspired soldier or entertainer would do that job better.

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Trouble-makers as name suggests are often the cause of trouble. This set of people are mostly discovered by experience. They may make too many errors, may be too lethargic or they may inspire others to do the same. There are cases where they can be converted – many of them are result of organisation’s own problems. We subdivide this group into following categories:

(I) Rebels  are again of two types:

(a) Soldiers or Entertainers that turned hostile to organization for right reasons  like favoritism for Negotiators or suppression by Negotiators  can often be regained if those those were removed.

(b) Gems misplaced as Soldiers can often cause trouble unless he is found in time and given hisher proper position.

(II) Gems of a unrelated industry, unlike people from other categories, each gem can only belong to some specific industries – they hold little value for other industries. The ones that do not belong to your industry are to be done away with; they just don’t belong to the organization.

(III) Bad Negotiator is a negotiator who doesn’t get what he thinks he deserves, but whom organization is paying justly – he would either leave the organization or stay waiting for opportunity meanwhile turning lethargic and avoiding work. They are best fired.


These groups are exhaustive though not mutually exclusive. Often a single person can have qualities – good or bad, that belong to several of these groups. In fact,  as an individual one should try to acquire the better qualities of each group.

As an organization gets bigger, it grows difficult to gain right sorts of people. However, we believe that soldiers and entertainers that have adequate growth prospects and properly placed Gems form an ideal mix for a business, especially a new business. We are sure that you can now choose better and got your answer to the question How to hire the best employees for your organization?


This concept & theory is designed by one of founding members of Founders Desk Sidharth Vardhan. It is a sole Copyright of Founders Desk Organization.

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